Thursday, may 6, 2021

8:30 AM
Welcoming participants

9:00 AM
Opening session


Introductory reports

  • Clémentine Bories
    Outer Space, the New Frontier of International Law
    Clémentine BORIES, Professor at Toulouse Capitole University.
  • Lucien Rapp
    International space law: characteristics and tensions
    Lucien RAPP, Professor at Toulouse Capitole University, Director of the Institute for the Study of Space, Territories, Culture and Communication (IDETCOM), Scientific Director of the SIRIUS Chair (Space Institute for Research on Innovative Uses of Satellites).

9:45 AM
Outer Space and International Space Law

Under the Chairmanship of Gilbert Guillaume, Former Judge and President of the International Court of Justice

  • Stephan Hobe
    The distinction between Airspace and Outer Space
    Stephan HOBE, Director of the Institute of Air and Space Law, Professor at the University of Cologne.
  • Vincent Correia
    Should Space be cut horizontally along the lines of the law of the sea?
    Vincent CORREIA, Professor at Paris-Saclay University.

10:45 AM
Coffee break

11:00 AM
Outer Space and the Sources of International Law

Under the Chairmanship of Mireille Couston, Professor at the University of Lyon 3.

  • Angela Veitch
    Multilateral space treaties, standing the test of time
    Angela VEITCH, Deputy Director, International Law Directorate, Department of National Defense, Canada.
  • Lukas Rass-Masson
    State strategies and national laws in international space law
    Lukas RASS-MASSON, Professor at Toulouse Capitole University, Director of the European School of Law.
  • Emmanuel Bourdoncle
    The revision of the Space Operations Law (LOS) in the face of international space law
    Emmanuel BOURDONCLE, Doctor of Law. Sub-Directorate of Public International Law, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Lesley Jane Smith
    Space, a new field of soft law
    Lesley JANE SMITH, Professor at Leuphana University, Luneburg, Germany.

12:30 PM

2:00 PM
Outer Space and Actors and Subjects of International Law

Under the Chairmanship of Catherine Kessedjian, Emeritus Professor, University of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas.

  • Philippe Clerc
    Towards a multilateral organization of outer space?
    Philippe CLERC, Inspector General, Compliance and Corporate Ethics Officer (CNES).
  • Arnaud De Nanteuil
    Businesses and international space law
    Arnaud DE NANTEUIL, Professor at the University of Paris Est Créteil.
  • Philippe Achilleas
    Robots in international space law
    Philippe ACHILLEAS, Professor at Paris Sud, Director of the Institute for Space and Telecommunications Law.

3:30 PM
News of International Law

  • François Alabrune
    François ALABRUNE, Director of Legal Affairs, Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.
  • Ronny Abraham
    Ronny ABRAHAM, Judge and former President of the International Court of Justice.
  • Marc Perrin de Brichambaut
    Marc PERRIN DE BRICHAMBAUT, Honorary Councilor of State, Judge at the International Criminal Court, Second Vice-President, International Criminal Court.
  • Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos
    Uncertain Linos-Alexandre SICILIANOS, Judge and former President of the European Court of Human Rights.

8:00 PM
Gala dinner (Convent of the Jacobins)

Speech by Lionel SUCHET, Director of CNES in Toulouse.

Sfdi award ceremony

Friday, may 7, 2021

9:30 AM

Workshop 1: European Space Law and International Law

Under the Chairmanship of Sylvaine Poillot-Peruzzetto, Professor at Toulouse Capitole University, IRDEIC, Advisor to the Court of Cassation in extraordinary service

  • Isabelle Sourbes-Verger
    The place of Europe within the space powers. Comparative study
    Isabelle SOURBES-VERGER, CNRS researcher, Alexandre Koyré Center, CNRS Paris.
  • Marco Ferrazzani
    The European Space Agency
    Marco FERRAZZANI, Legal Director of the European Space Agency.
  • Mariana Holubova
    From the European space triangle to the post-Brexit quadrangle?
    Mariana HOLUBOVA, Doctoral student, University of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, Doctoral School E9
  • Loic Grard
    Space in the face of the dynamics of the internal market
    Loic GRARD, Professor at the University of Bordeaux IV, Director of the Center for European and International Research and Documentation.

Workshop 2: Space sector law and International law

Under the Chairmanship of Armel Kerrest, Professor Emeritus University of Western Brittany

  • Said Hamdouni
    Aerospace Financing Put to the Test of Law: A Perspective from WTO Law
    Said HAMDOUNI, HDR Lecturer at Toulouse Capitole University.
  • Olivier Blin
    Aerospace financing put to the test of law: the point of view of European Union law
    Olivier BLIN, Lecturer in Public Law, Toulouse 1 Capitole University
  • Valentin Degrange
    The garbage collectors of Space: public service, gold rush or both?
    Valentin DEGRANGE, PhD student in Law Member of the Center for Space and Frontiers Law (CDEF) Associate researcher at the Institute of Strategic and Defense Studies (IESD)
  • Pascal Beauvais
    Imagine a criminal law for outer space
    Pascal BEAUVAIS, Professor at the Sorbonne Law School.
  • José Da Costa
    Insurance law and Space
    José DA COSTA, Senior Vice President, Deputy Managing Director, AON International Space Brokers.

11:00 AM
Coffee break

11:30 AM
SFDI General Assembly

12:45 PM

1:30 PM
Outer Space and Sectoral Declinations of International Law

Under the Chairmanship of Alain Pellet, Professor emeritus, University Paris Nanterre, former President of the Sfdi

  • Tanja Masson-Zwaan
    Exploitation of Space Resources and International Law
    Tanja MASSON-ZWAAN, Professor at the University of Leiden, Deputy Director of the Institute of Air and Space Law, President Emeritus of the Institute of Space Law (IISL).
  • Roberto Virzo
    International investment law and space
    Roberto VIRZO, Professor, University of Sannio, Italy.
  • Sabrina Robert-Cuendet
    International environmental law and space debris
    Sabrina ROBERT-CUENDET, Professor, Vice-Dean Faculty of Law, Economic Sciences and Management, Le Mans University
  • Stéphane Mouton
    International transport law and Space (space tourism, spaceports)
    Stéphane MOUTON, Professor at the University of Toulouse Capitole, Co-Director of the Maurice Hauriou Institute, Director of the M2 in transport and aeronautics law.

3:00 PM
Coffee break

3:15 PM
Outer Space and International Disputes

Under the Chairmanship of Geneviève Bastid-Burdeau, Professor Emeritus at the Sorbonne Law School.

  • Eric Loquin
    Space and international litigation
    Eric LOQUIN, Professor Emeritus at the University of Burgundy.
  • Raphaël Maurel
    Guarantees for the continued peaceful use of outer space: the example of the International Space Inspection
    Raphaël MAUREL, Lecturer at the University of Bourgogne
  • Jean-Christophe Martin
    Applicability and suitability of jus ad bellum to Outer Space
    Jean-Christophe MARTIN, Professor at Côte d’Azur University, Director of the Institute for Peace and Development (IdPD).
  • Jérémie Ayadi
    War in Space: what legal regime?
    Jérémie AYADI, Chief Commissioner of the Armed Forces, Legal Adviser to the Space Command.

4:45 PM
General conclusions

  • Mathias Audit
    Mathias AUDIT, Professor at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Lawyer at the Paris bar.


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