Due to the disturbances linked to Covid-19, the conference is postponed to May 6 and 7, 2021


Young Researchers

Young research in international law actively participates in the conference of Toulouse and its preparation.

On Friday June 26, a debate will be devoted to the following theme: "Outer space: the challenges for investment". The event is organized by Lukas Rass Masson and Valère N’Dior, for the Toulouse Capitole University (European School of Law and IDETCOM). This first half-day will consist of a debate based on the interventions of the five young researchers, previously posted online on SFDI’s Canal-U. Pre-registration at: jeunes.chercheurs@sfdi.org.

The second Half-Day of Young Researchers will focus on "Outer space and war”. It will include five interventions, punctuated by times of debate. The event is organized by Marina Eudes and Clémentine Bories, with the help of CEDIN (Université Paris Nanterre). Pre-registration at: jeunes.chercheurs@sfdi.org.

As is usually the case, each of these half-days will lead to the selection from one of the contributors, in order to participate in the last session plenary of the conference and / or of a publication in the proceedings of the conference.

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